VSME Grappling 041: Montreal

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  • VSME Grappling 041: Montreal
    June 13, 2020
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Versus Me Grappling

Introducing the new concept of fast-grappling

For those who are new to VSME and for those who know us already, here’s a recap of who we are, and what we do.

  • All events last a maximum of 3hrs and use Skill Based Match Making technology to determine opponents.
  • All events have Gi & NoGi divisions giving you 2 matches per division, plus optional call-outs.
  • All events take place at local jiujitsu academies giving you a potentially new environment and experience every time.
  • Call-outs allow you to challenge any other competitor regardless of size, rank, or gender in a scored match.
  • All matches are filmed in HD and uploaded to our website match history.
  • Earn points to move up our online leaderboard simply by participating in our events, win or lose.
  • Earn more points by winning, by winning via submission, by beating larger/more skilled opponents or a mix of all 3!
  • All matches are 5 min rounds, submission only, with golden point overtime (first point scored wins).
  • Finish the season in the the top 10 grapplers to win incredible prizes, courtesy of our sponsors.
  • Visit our website for this seasons prizes!
  • Every grappler has their own fighter profile with individual jiujitsu statistics, information, and social media handles.
  • Every grappler has their own VSME skill chart displaying efficiency in takedowns, passes, sweeps, and submissions.
  • Every grappler has a VSME rating, which is a number between 0-100 derived from your VSME Skill chart efficiency.
  • Leaderboard, skill charts, and match history updates in real time immediately after your match.
  • We share 10% of profits with every hosting academy, which means that supporting VSME helps support the community.
  • Visit our website to register, and remember that spots are limited!
  • Enjoy VSME for the competitive experience or for the sake of tracking your progress with data
  • Thank you for supporting VSME by purchasing our merchandise online or at our events <3
  • Thank you for supporting our friends and sponsors who make the VSME experience what it is.
  • If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback email info@vsmeinc.com.

All Ontario events are sanctioned by the Ontario Grappling Association. You must have a valid OGA membership for all Ontario events.

Please give us a follow, tell a friend, and help us grow by spreading the word.

Please note that spectators must also purchase a ticket.

We appreciate the support and hope to see you on the mats!

We are trying to create a truly new experience to enhance your jiujitsu journey.


5650 Rue Hochelaga, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, H1N 3T1


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We are more than a school , we are a family where everyone contributes to the success of their team mates.