Starting 2020 Off Right

Many soldiers stepped up to the first 2020 event in Toronto

February 23rd marked the first VSME Grappling event using our new technology, and while there were some hiccups, it was a fantastic success.

There were competitors ranging from white to black belt competing at Toronto NoGi, located at Yonge and st. Clair, last weekend. We saw incredible takedowns, vicious submissions, and intense male vs female matches that had us on our toes.

While the event was a great success, we will continue to push our own boundaries to give you an even better experience. Thank you to all of you who came out and support what we do. The leaderboard is updated, and the video matches will be slowly trickling in during the next week or two, so keep checking back!

Our leaderboard has Geoff Liang, who runs Go Float Studios in Burlington, at the number one spot with 40.8 points! Remember that the more matches, and the heavier/more skilled the opponent, the more points you accumulate. Feel free to browse the leaderboard, explore competitor profiles, and enjoy what we are putting together. Congrats to everyone who brought it last Sunday to up their game!

Expect real time updates to your profiles and leaderboards at all upcoming events, better filming of matches, and many more surprises we have in store but don’t want to spoil.

We are trying to create something unique, modern, affordable, and exciting. We feel that the Ontario market has an endless supply of tournaments, which is fantastic, but we want to add a fresh spin to the mix. Without the support of this great community it would not be possible and we are grateful for each and every one of you <3.

Keep an eye out for a large album of photographs, courtesy of Cassie Maciel Photography! We are proud to partner with local photographers to support their art and business, as much as they support ours. But while the images come out, enjoy these samples!

We will see you at the next event in Montreal! To get your spots booked, click here.

Until then, please follow us on social @vsme.grappling, and we will roll with you at the next event.

-The VSME team.