About Versus Me

From the founder

Like many, I've always been a pretty competitive guy. In play fighting, in video games, or thumb-wrestling. It's helped me in many ways, and hurt me in others. I've also always been very curious and hands-on. I'd question religion because of my friends views, or I'd build my own toys... that type of kid. 

With the world going deeper into digital, I envision a world with different types of services, different types of industries, and different types of brands. A world where data, experiences, and community are at the core of major businesses and organizations. I envision Versus Me as one of those brands in the near future, which I'm excited to share as time goes on. 

I envision a world where people can test their jiujitsu competitively at express 3 hour events, where gi and nogi can compete together, or have mixed belts and genders compete against each other, all scored fairly. A world where every roll  provides you with data on your jiujitsu, for an affordable price that supports academy owners who lend their schools to us. 

If you'd like to contact me, or if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out. You can also add me on social or email me at carlos@vsmeinc.com or @Riosbjj.

Would love to hear from you.

Thank you for supporting VSME and the community.


-Carlos Rios, & team.